Even though the world is more or less still drowning in racial prejudice, we cannot deny the fact that as a country we have come a long way towards solving racist's problems. The statistics of people going into interracial relationship show that people are willing to at least try to keep an open mind. Now, we can argue that racism will never go away but that will be a sad and blatant disregard of the brave people who have thrown most of their prejudices against race to carry on with their lives the way they want without being bothered about how anybody sees it.

Recently more and more people get on interracial dating sites to join the search for their partner. This, in itself, is a major milestone. And while the whole work is not yet done, we can still pat ourselves on the back with the way we are going about this interracial relationship as a people. We are actively challenging the status quo, questioning cultures and unnecessary taboos, doing things our forefathers would have been mad for no reason about. This is wonderful and if we keep at it, maybe, just maybe we will find the perfect works which we seek so much. Unfortunate, racial prejudice has also evolved with us, turning from being aggressive to being subtle and still as needlessly harmful. It has become a living thing growing in our minds, clinging to and shaping our mindsets.

One minute you are admiring an interracial couple, the next minute you are wondering if their kids would be born black or shite, or if the Asian female partner is as submissive as the stereotype says, or if the black guy really has a big penis. Very subtle, but it us out there growing and multiplying. Sometimes it is in jokes which you may not intend to hurt but it does when you make it and the place becomes an echo of awkwardness. These things are in our minds and if they are not addressed the steps we have taken so far might turn out to be vain. We still see interracial relationship as a different thing and not just as a relationship between two consenting adults. Many people feel that that is not the way relationships "normally" are. Society cannot seem to get over this, so anywhere they go their association will scream 'different!'

It is never the good kind of different, always the bad. People who do not want to stare find themselves staring and of course there are others who just love to stare and glare the relationship into oblivion, not that it is any business of theirs. With this article, we will remove that red tag that points out interracial relationships as the bad kind of different and lay bare what it is really about—a relationship. We will highlight the positives and negatives, plus pretty much everything that comes along with interracial relationships.

By Being In An interracial Relationship You Have Opened Up To Learning New Things

That is just the way it is. Without the prejudice which spits on interracial relationship you open yourself to learning new things, new culture. Sometimes you discover that the way you do some things you do is not really the best. You discover that there is a new and better way to do it.

You get to understand how people from your partner's racial background form their opinion of the world. You share this experience with your partner, and understand the basis of their belief or at least the beginning of it. Saying you will be able to understand your partner and his or her people is very long stretch and is not really possible. There is no way you will be able to understand everything about someone from across a different ethnic divide, but there is nothing stopping you from understanding the basis of their beliefs and opinions.


You Get To See Things From A Psychological Point Of View That Is Not Yours

This is a really very valuable experience in your relationship and a very important part in the interracial discussion. Being part of an ideology entails that you are not aware of the existence of such ideology and as such do not really know that you portray it.

Too many people have the stereotyped painted picture of what love should be and get uneasy when we see something different. For those in an interracial relationship, their eyes are opened and they become aware of different ideologies which, hitherto, they were unaware of.
There Is Love

There is love, the happiness of loving someone which comes with interracial relationships. There has to be, otherwise you would not waste your time threading these unreliable waters of interracial dating. You are in love and there is no greater feeling.

Having to live with people's assumptions about you

They are many, and the most difficult thing is when someone close makes stupid assumptions about your partner. You learn to live with what people think. Sometimes seeing you two out in the open walking and not talking, people will assume you are not together or you are coworkers.

Other times, people will jump to conclusions about your love life. They may conclude that you hate your race and skin colour which is why you are dating a white man.

The assumptions go on and on. You may try to ignore this and a time even manage to get over it, but the knowing stares and glares from people who your relationship is none of their business will keep bringing your mind back to this.



This is one of the negatives, people will always stare and you can not stop them from doing that. Even stupid comments directed at you from people will remind you of how different you look and how blending in is like the sun shining at night.

Being at the end of silly questions

People will ask questions about your children and might even give subtle hints about the sexual experience which they have conveniently concluded you are having. With all these negatives and positives you have to understand that your life is yours and no one else to live.

You will be the one regretting at the end or rejoicing as the case may be. So do not let any negatives keep you from doing what you would really love to do.